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Class 1

Hello and welcome to Class 1, where we have ten lively and inquisitive children, all with an age range of 5 to 6 years.

In Class 1, teaching and learning is based around the Early Years Foundation. There is a strong emphasis on developing the foundations for learning. Our children access topics and activities designed to promote their Physical, Social and Emotional Development and their Communication and Language Skills.

Our aim is to ensure that children are happy and confident at school and are able to communicate effectively. This means that the children will be well placed to access important subjects such as Literacy and Numeracy.

The children have lots of opportunities to access outdoor learning both in our wonderful new Backlands and with regular visits in the community. This term we have visited the local park and a rural village to admire the scarecrows. Now weare busy making our own scarecrow. The children also enjoy regular swimming and donkey riding sessions. We also have sessions at a local multi sensory room.


We love to learn about nature.
Enjoying the Backlands and developing our physical skills.

Choosing a favourite book to read.
Learning about the world around us.

Exploring and collecting natural objects for our Autumn display.
Enjoying a music session, making choices and developing our communication skills.