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Class 2

Hello and welcome to Class 2.

We currently have a mixed age Year 2/Year 3 class of eleven fabulous pupils.

Class 2 are a lively bunch, bursting at the seams with fantastic personalities. We love to work and play with our friends and we particularly enjoy singing and signing and outdoor learning, whatever the weather!


Geography - following trails to find how to get to different parts of our school.
Enjoying the sunshine with friends!

Maths outdoor learning... 'find one tree'.
Can you find any circles? I can!

Exploring the backland - looking for 3 mini-beasts for our maths trail. We found this super millipede - it was very tickly!
Outdoor learning, English - we decided to try and build a strong house for the three little pigs - it was very tricky!

Science and RE - we have been finding out about our bodies, and what makes them special. We drew around each other making fun poses.
Making a circle of stones as part of our shape work in maths.