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School Council

Cherry Oak School council is made up of pupils who have nominated themselves to be a member of the group to represent the student voice.

Children take part in elections where the whole school has an opportunity to vote for who they would like to represent them on the school council. The six children who have the most amounts of votes are elected on to the school council, and will serve their post for one academic school year.

The group meet fortnightly on to discuss a variety of topics. It is an opportunity for them to discuss issues raised by classmates, events happening in school. School Council play an important part in contributing to the school improvement plan to ensure the pupil voice is heard.

School Council also assist with the interview process for teaching positions. They devise questions and are a part of the interview panel, giving feedback and opinions on candidates.

Preparing for the elections.
The ballot box.

One of our themed sports days.
Themed days organised by the School Council.

The School Councils for the Federation

The Cherry Oak School Council has termly meetings with the federated School Council of Victoria school. The two groups meet to discuss issues affecting both school across the federation, such as the behaviour policies, (deciding on acceptable behaviour from pupils at both schools) and eco schools (promoting a more economical way of living in school and creating an eco-friendly environment).

Federation School Council meeting in our school hall.
Working together for success.