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At Cherry Oak School we have a Physiotherapy assistant who helps us to exercise our needs. Your child will be offered regular play sessions and reviews to progress. They will follow their own personally designed exercise programme to specifically target their needs.

During one-to-one physiotherapy sessions we have lots of fun whilst carrying out our Physio targets.
There are lots of ways to follow our exercise programme targets whilst having fun, so we never get bored.

We work and play together to achieve our targets and to help build our social skills and confidence.
Working together.

We combine SALT & Physiotherapy in a weekly Social and Motor group.
Balancing along the beam is a great way to stretch our Achilles Tende’s and core ability.

We have a variety of fun equipment that helps us to carry out our exercise targets in different ways.
The rolling and bouncing on the peanut gymball is lots of fun and very good for stretching , balancing and core stability.

This is good for me - and fun, too!
Using some of our fun equipment.