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Speech and Language Therapy

Cherry Oak school adopts a total communication approach.

We use a variety of methods to enable communication to help with comprehension and expression. As some of the pupils have no or limited speech we find other ways of communicating. This can be in the form of Objects of Reference (using objects to represent an activity or offering choices) Photographs, symbols or Makaton signing.

We use a variety of systems such as the COPE system (Cherry Oak Picture Exchange) across the school to provide continuity in choice making from Foundation stage up to Year 6.

Cherry Oak School employs a private Speech and Language Therapist who works two days a week. All children will be assessed by the Speech and Language Communication Team to determine what targets should be set to provide the best possible opportunity for children to communicate. These targets are regularly reviewed and copies sent home to parents/carers.

We also offer home visits to provide support within the home with communication.

The speech and language therapy team work in close contact with all staff to ensure targets and programmes are being worked upon and met at all times. Teaching assistants are assigned to pupils to ensure each child is working to their full potential, highlighting achievements and liaising with Communication Team when new goals need to be set.

We have a Makaton Signing Choir, where children join together to sing and sign favourite songs. We have taken part in performances, and have even taken part in the Guinness World Record attempt for the most people singing and signing the same song at the same time with many other schools across the country.

Cherry Oak Signing Choir.
Social Motor Group. Working together to encourage social interaction, and good communication with peers

Using Makaton signing to improve comprehension and provide opportunity for expression.
Using photographs to make choices.

I chose Thomas the Tank Engine.
Following instructions and working together.

More group activities.
Using symbols to express feelings.