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School Staff

Name Position/Responsibility
Mrs Julie Fardell Executive Headteacher of Federation
Ms Amanda Jenkins Head of School
Mrs Amy Findlay Assistant Headteacher
Miss Claire Strain Strategic Pastoral Manager
Ms Emma Eaton Head of Early Years
Miss Katie Barrett Class Teacher, Subject Leader for Humanities
Mrs Jacqui Hanna-Jones Class Teacher, Lead on Behaviour and Autism
Mrs Hollie Maleady Class Teacher
Mrs Kathryn Tovey Class Teacher, Forest School Lead
Miss Harriet Walker Class Teacher
Mr Andy Wilson Class Teacher
Miss Ellie Vance Class Teacher
Mrs. Liz Bradley-Adams Class Teacher
Miss Pod Serge Class Teacher
Miss Lucy Dobson UQT
Mrs Loretta Lynch Speech and Language Therapist
Miss Jade Matthews Cover Supervisor
Mrs Lianne Cosgrove HLTA - Communication
Miss Bev Chabannais HLTA
Mr Mark Cottom HLTA - Sensory ICT
Mrs Jo Gavin HLTA - Subject Leader for Physical and PE
Ms Nebeela Aziz Teaching Assistant
Ms Jacqueline Boraston Teaching Assistant, Curriculum Champion for Enrichment and The Arts
Miss Haley Bradshaw Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jackie Butts Teaching Assistant
Miss Kim Chabannais Teaching Assistant, Curriculum Champion for Behaviour and Autism
Miss Laura Cross Teaching Assistant (temporary)
Ms Hollie Dallison Teaching Assistant, Curriculum Champion for Outdoor Learning and Enrichment
Ms Jennifer Fuller Teaching Assistant
Mrs Sue Giles Teaching Assistant, Curriculum Champion for ICT
Mrs Celia Hayward Teaching Assistant
Miss Maria Henry Teaching Assistant
Miss Chanel Hill Teaching Assistant
Ms Rachael Hockey Teaching Assistant
Ms Asiya Hussain Teaching Assistant
Mrs Karina Johnson Teaching Assistant, Curriculum Champion for Enrichment
Miss Rebecca Jones Teaching Assistant
Miss Gurminder Kaur Teaching Assistant, Curriculum Champion for English and Communication
Mrs Claire Kerry Teaching Assistant
Mrs Nicola Kimberley Teaching Assistant
Ms Melda Lowe Teaching Assistant
Mrs Melissa Mahon Teaching Assistant
Mrs Anita Marshall Teaching Assistant
Mrs Di Mason Teaching Assistant
Miss Emily Meyrick Teaching Assistant
Mrs Lyn Moore Teaching Assistant
Miss Heather Nolan Teaching Assistant
Mrs Denise Palmer Teaching Assistant
Mrs Tina Parsons Teaching Assistant, Curriculum Champion for The Arts
Mr Phil Reid Teaching Assistant
Ms Sue Sedman Teaching Assistant
Ms Jessica Smith Teaching Assistant
Mrs Karen Vigurs Teaching Assistant
Miss Nicola Whitton Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Ceri Robinson Teaching Assistant
Miss Chloe Stoke Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Kerry Grant Teaching Assistant
Miss Kirsty Sullivan Teaching Assistant
Mr. Peter Massey Teaching Assistant
Miss Rachael Johnson Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Sally-Anne Moonga Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Sharon Seekings Teaching Assistant
Mr John Leadbeater ICT Operations Manager
Mr Ryan Basra ICT Technician
Ms Kate Thompson Family Support Worker
Mrs Jackie Gardner Building Site Supervisor
Mr Neil Flood Federation Building Site Supervisor
Mrs Pauline McKenna Strategic Business Manager
Miss Sharon McKenzie PA to the Executive Headteacher
Mrs Clare Broadbelt HR Manager
Mrs Anne Cody Administration Assistant
Ms Sue Downes Cook
Mr Mark Bond Catering Assistant
Ms Kelly Bragger Catering Assistant
Ms Linda Woodward Catering Assistant
Mrs Lynette Clifton Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Rachael Johnston Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Dawn Langley Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Sharon Seekings Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Claire Thomas Lunchtime Supervisor