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Our pupils look very smart in their Cherry Oak uniforms.

All children are expected to come to school in uniform every day.

The Cherry Oak uniform consists of:

  • Red sweater
  • Grey trousers or skirt
  • White polo t-shirt or shirt
  • Black shoes

For PE children should have:

  • T-shirt
  • Shorts
  • Pumps

All uniform should be labelled clearly with the child’s name.

The only jewellery allowed in school are small stud earrings.

When children start to go swimming, parents are expected to send in swimming kits and if your child needs ‘little swimmers’ they should also be provided.


Here is a list of uniform suppliers from whom you should be able to get the Cherry Oak Uniform:

  • Tesco Uniform - this retrieves a long list of available uniform items. Online ordering direct to your home is available.
  • Kids Essentials - a local company based in Northfield - Cherry Oak doesn't appear on their website yet but we will do soon, please either call : 0121 477 0736 or go to the shop on the High Street in Northfield.
  • Uniform Easy - please see the long list of available uniform. Online ordering direct to your home is available.
  • Clive Mark - this link gives a list of available uniform or go to the shop in Kings Heath - 0121 444 0606.
  • Brigade Clothing - you can order the various different types of uniform from here. Online ordering direct to your home is available.

Please note there is a vast difference in price between the suppliers.

All llinks above are to external websites.